Yes, Reverse Your Diabetes

Is it possible to reverse diabetes?  Yes.

I have a number of patients, following a ketogenic diet over a period of 6-18 months, that have reversed their type II diabetes.  If you are interested, stay tuned for more information to follow here on this page, or contact Dr. Nally to set an appointment by calling (623) 584-7805 or see our concierge services page here.

4 Comments on “Yes, Reverse Your Diabetes

  1. Who should get tested for pre-diabetes? If you might be overweight and above 45 yrs .
    old, then you definitely should have your FPG and OGTT.
    If you happen to be not overweight and above 45, should
    consult your doctor. If you are below 45
    and overweight, its also wise to check your fasting plasma glucose level.

    • You should actually have a fasting blood sugar check every year with your physical when over 18, or any other time you are symptomatic (fatigue, increased urinary frequency, hypoglycemic symptoms, or persisting weight gain).

  2. Would really appreciate if you give me a doctor name in Oklahoma City area that believes in keto diet. Wish I was closer to you!

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