Who’s Dr. Nally?

Adam S. Nally, D.O., (popularly known as @DocMuscles), is the go-to no-nonsense community-based physician providing practical weight management & general medical health through ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, and paleolithic lifestyles combined with a cutting edge medical approach.  With over fifteen years of practical, in-the-trenches, medical experience and an enchantingly passionate, articulate, & genuine approach to the treatment of the diseases of civilization, he can be seen weekly on PeriScope (see previous Scopes) and is a health pod-caster with Jimmy Moore on KetoTalk with Jimmy & the Doc (available for free download on iTunes).  

As a family physician, father of two, former Air Force physician, horseman, Eagle Scout and aquaponics gardener, he is a sought after speaker and presenter to a wide scope of audiences including physicians, universities, churches, educators and patients ages from 0 to 102.

In addition to his full spectrum family practice and osteopathic manipulative training, he is trained in the use of cosmetic lasers with special focus in tattoo removal, laser facials & laser hair removal.

He loves working one-on-one with his private practice patients located in Surprise, Arizona.  Hey . . . it’s only a dry heat . . .

Professional Experience: 

  • International Obesity & Weight Management Speaker, Podcaster & Writer
    •  Presentations/Speaking Topics:
      • Ketogenic Body Bio-Hacking
      • Obesity Management with Diet
      • The Skinny About Sweeteners
      • The Skinny About Fat
      • The Obesity Paradox
      • Muscle Building Bio-Hacking with Exogenous Ketones
      • Dietary Treatment of Diabetes – 101, 102, 201, 202.
      • Obesity Hormones & Medicinal /Dietary Modulation
      • Are the Adverse Effects of Ketosis Really that Adverse?
      • Ketogenic Diets & the Gut Microbiome
      • Low Carbohydrate Diets & the Thyroid
      • The Slippery Slope of Insulin Resistance
      • Insulin Resistance & The Horse
      • Auto-Immune Disease & Diet
      • Neurobiology of Obesity



  • Obesity Medicine Board Certification – American Board of Obesity Medicine – 2010
  • Family Practice Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine – American Board of Osteopathic Family Physicians – 2002
  • National Rifle Association – Range Safety Officer/Certified Rifle Instructor
  • Laser Safey Officer – 2015

Professional Organizations:

  • American Osteopathic Association
  • Obesity Medicine Association
  • American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
  • Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association
  • Arabian Horse Association
  • Boy Scouts of America

A Few Interesting Facts about Dr Nally:

  1. He’s very happily married.Adam Tiffini
  2. He is the proud father of two very special children.
  3. He hates golf. (He threw his clubs over the Tapatio Cliffs about 10 years ago and never went back to get them.)
  4. When he was four years old, he fell off the second story balcony of his family’s apartment. When questioned by his mother as to what he was doing, he told her “the wind blew me off.”  Since then he has had a love of flying and, someday, will finish his flying lessons. Until then, he ride horses, . . . it’s about as close to flying as you can get without leaving the ground.
  5. “The intricacies of human body prove visible witness to me that there is a God. After practicing medicine for a number of years, I am convinced that He has a sense of humor.”
  6. “I can handle any bodily fluid you throw at me . . . blood, urine, dirty diapers, entrails, tendons, severed wounds . . . except for vomit. I begin to wretch. I have to leave the room.” Isn’t that why we have nurses?   🙂
  7. He loves movies.
  8. He never missed an episode of Buck Rogers in the 21st century. 
  9. He loves all types of music. 
  10. He wanted to learn to play the drums. However, his father made a deal with him: If he could master the violin, he would buy him a drum set. Have you seen his drum set? (Neither have we.)
  11. He used to wear bell bottoms and parachute pants (He would alternate them every other day). His wife won’t let him wear them any more.
  12. On the night he proposed marriage to his wife, he returned to her parent’s home to tell them the news. However, they arrived in separate cars. She arrived at her parent’s home a few minutes before he arrived. Her father, a police officer at the time, met him at the door, invited him in and finished cleaning and loading his gun before he asked Dr. Nally what he was so excited about.
  13. He loves Disneyland more than his children love Disneyland. 
  14. He was known in medical school as the “deer slayer.” He unintentionally hit a deer with his car every year he lived in Missouri. 
  15. Double double “protein style” is his favorite burger. 
  16. He only missed one episode of Battle Star Galactica; however, he saw the re-run twice.  
  17. He served a two year religious mission in Japan for his church.
  18. He cannot stomach cheese sandwiches – He is reminded of vomit (see #6). 
  19. He dislikes cake. . .never liked it. His last birthday had candles in a coconut cream pie. He love cinnamon rolls and apple fritters (but they don’t like him).
  20. He is a sushi connoisseur. If you invite him for sushi, he will have a very hard time saying “no”.
  21. He used to teach break dancing. 
  22. He craves salt and fat. “Give me a thick medium rib-eye, a bag of pork rinds, and a large Diet Dr. Pepper and I will be a happy man.”
  23. He loves horseback riding. “There’s nothing better for a man’s soul than being outside on a horse.”
  24. He enjoys triathlons: swimming, cycling & running. “Pain is just weakness leaving your body” (as well as the remnants of #22). It is his goal to complete an Iron Man before he dies.
  25. According to his mother, he was actually born on January 23th at 12:23 am.  However, when the nurse informed the doctor of the birth time she was going to write onto the birth certificate, he told her she was wrong and that he was born on the 22nd. The nurse disagreed with him, stating that she charted the time down when the baby was delivered. The doctor turned to her and said, “Look, I am the doctor, you are the nurse. I got out of bed and delivered this baby on the 22nd and until you complete medical school, that is what his birth certificate will say.” Then he turned to my mother and said, “Mrs. Nally, congratulations on your new son. He was born on the 22nd,” and he left the room. Dr. Nally tries to use this story every year, but his wife won’t let him celebrate two birthdays.

54 Comments on “Who’s Dr. Nally?

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  2. I so appreciated your Podcast with Jimmy Moore!! Do you know of any physicians you in the Seattle area with your philosophy on weight loss and nutritional ketosis?

  3. Martin, you should look up Richard Lindquist, MD, of the Swedish Weight Loss Center. He is a colleague that can give you some great direction in the Seattle area.

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  8. I just read and printed your article on high triglycerides and Leptin resistance. I am 57 years old and have been trying to lose the same 30 lbs for 30 years, which has now grown into 50 lbs. My triglycerides are high and I suspect my pituitary gland stopped working 35 years ago when my daughter was born. Do you know any physicians in the NY area (Long Island) who you would recommend? Thank you.

  9. Hi Doc. I had a lapband for 10 years which to me is self induced starvation for the throwing up and revised to gastric sleeve and I cant lose an ounce and gain weight at lightening speed. Is this a sign of metabolic damage? Im waiting on blood test results from my functional medicine doc. How get myself checked and how long does it take to fix myself

    • Diane,
      More than likely it is a sign of severe insulin resistance, although you’ll need blood testing to confirm that. It is treatable with a strict ketogenic diet. It usually takes about 18-24 months to improve the insulin resistance, although some of us never return to “normal” and have to follow a ketogenic lifestyle for the rest of our lives.

  10. Hi Dr. Nally ! I got your name from The Ketogenic Girl ! Question ? I’m going to start the Ketogenic diet when I return from vacation and would love my husband to do it with me. Only thing is he has 3 blockages in his heart and one of them is I think the left ventricular…they call it the Widow maker !😳 a blockage of 50% ! He is on Lipitore but I guess my question is .. Is this type of diet not good for him ?? Will it only make matters worse ? What else can we do to reverse this problem ? Thanks !

    • Erin,
      The question you are asking is individualized and requires a formal doctor/patient relationship. I would not be able to appropriately answer your question without actually seeing your husband as a patient. I generally find that a person strictly following a ketogenic diet has improvement in vascular disease over the course of 12-24 months, however, your husbands case is one in which very close monitoring of his diet, medications and blood work are required.

  11. Hi Dr.Nally could you offer some insight on sleeping, I work nights and I have a very hard time sleeping, I have tried different meds and natural supplements and nothing helps I will sleep for 2 hours and then wake every hour after sometimes not getting back to sleep , can you give me any help, I’ve been doing a low carb diet and I take keto-os I’m 51 going thru menopause, thanks Serena Boehm

  12. Hi Dr. Nalley,
    I listen to you and Jimmy on KetoTalk and have a question about Keto OS, which I see you drink every morning. If I am already in ketosis (averaging 1.0 when I first get up in the morning), is there a benefit to taking in exogenous ketones? Does the boost to my ketone levels make a difference? I really enjoy my morning Choc Swirl concoction with almond milk, ice, a little MCT oil, and a tsp of decaf instant coffee, but the powder is expensive and I wonder if it is doing anything for me… Appreciatively, Noelle O in Sacramento

    • Nicole. The short answer is yes. Increasing ketones exogenously clinically appears to be ramping up the neurosignaing at the brain, muscle, and liver. I have found it to be very effective even though I was already in ketosis

  13. P.S. (Also from Noelle in Sacramento)…We are a scouting family too. Husband is a scoutmaster and our sons, who just returned from Philmont, are Eagling very soon. I am an English instructor at the local community college and would like to offer my services as a proofreader for your materials, free of charge. For example, on one of your pages, when you speak of tailoring programs to an individual’s needs, the word is spelled as “taylored,” which is incorrect. “Concierge” is also misspelled on that same page as you refer to concierge medicine. This offer is not meant to cause pain or offense, nor do I expect anything in return. I respect your work and know how many hours it takes to connect with your audiences in all the ways that you do. I thought perhaps I could help in some small way. Sincerely, Noelle O.

  14. Hi Dr ! I have a question I can’t seem to get answers. I’m doing the Keto diet and would love my husband to do it as well. Only thing is he has 3 blockage in his heart at 50 % 😳 Now I know your not his dr. And yes he will talk to his Dr. But, I’m looking for some advice as to is it helpful or safe for him to do such a diet ( Lifestyle ) could we see a reversal of these blockages ? I know a lot of Dr don’t know enough about this diet and would probably be horrified at the thought ! PLEASE HELP !Thank you ! 🌹

    • Thank you for contacting me, however, due to the nature of medicine and without a formal face-to-face doctor patient relationship, I cannot answer any individual questions, make Individual medical recommendations or give individual nutritional recommendations. To maintain the highest standards of medical compliance, clarity and accuracy for answers regarding these issues, you will need to schedule an appointment with me face-to-face in the office or take these questions directly to your personal physician. Thank you for your understanding. Generally, I find in my clinic with my patients that adhere strictly to a ketogenic diet that cholesterol and blood sugar control dramatically improve and vascular disease regresses. Howver, this requires strict adherence to the dietary regimen with close clinical monitoring.

  15. Hi Dr. Nally,
    Just saw this new “study” and thought you would be interested.


    Not all carbs are created equally.
    Our bodies absorb refined carbohydrates, such as white bread or cookies, very quickly and end up storing them for energy, not burning them. But resistant starches, named because they resist being absorbed, can actually make you feel full more quickly.

    The study, published in the journal Nutrition, found that, if combined with a protein such as hard-boiled eggs or greek yogurt, those resistant starches can help you feel and stay full.

    More examples of refined starches include bananas, whole grains and beans. So now you can enjoying carbing out and not feeling guilty

    • Unfortunately, this is garbage!! It is the long chain fat in the egg or the yogurt that makes you full. Resistant starch is NOT effective for weight loss or blood sugar control!

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  17. Doc Nally Do you know of any physicians you in the Salt Lake City area with your philosophy on weight loss and nutritional ketosis?

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  19. Hi Dr. Nally,

    I want to know what kind of exercises can help me to lose weight faster with Keto. I’m very active and I do hiking for example 3 times per week. But I think some exercises may be better than others for that purpose following a LCHF diet.

    Thanks and I’m a big fan of KetoTalk.

  20. Hi Doc
    I have some unusual BG behavior that might interest you as a scientist.
    I have new BG data on my PIR (I hope its just PIR and not some strange illness). As many of you, I wake up with 90-105 mg/dl FBG. When I start to move around (some stairs) etc., my BG
    drops to ~80-85 in 20-30 minutes. If i choose to do light exercise (push ups, sit ups )I can easily drop my BG to 60-70 depending on exercise intensity. All this without eating in fasted state (I do not do breakfast).
    However, if I stop be active and lay down or sit down in front of computer for ~30 minutes, my BG builds up back to 90-95. Same things later at work- after working/sitting BG aroung 90-95. Moving and walking brings it down 80-85. Getting more intensity bring it down to 65-75. Getting back to the chair for 30 min gets me back to 95. Similar picture after eating, activity bring down whole BG profile by ~10 points.
    I am in mild ketosis 0.3 mmol/l in the morning and it slowly builds up to 0.8 in the evening. My ketones do not react to these wild BG swings at all. My HbA1c is 5.1%. Fasting insulin was 4.8 last time measured (2 month ago). I lost 25 pounds in 18 months by eating 1500 Cal (20-30 grams of carbs,~80 grams of proteine). Current weight-170lb, height 174 cm. Feel good, not starving at all, sleep well. Walk 5 miles everyday, with HIIT 2 days a week.
    I am observing this pattern for 3 months now, since the moment I discovered it. It is very consistent. I wander if glycogen shortage is doing this to me, since I have a little buffer and body taps directly in to BG for its urgent needs and then slowly restores BG back?
    Anyway, I do not like these wild BG swings and wander if anyone has the same or can offer any explanation.

    • Victor,
      These blood glucose swings are NORMAL. Your blood sugar will drop initially after exercise (eating is also exercise of the GI system). The liver holds 120 grams of glycogen and will use this to buffer the blood sugar in addition to gluconeogenisis driven by glucagon. But what you describe is NOT unusual.

  21. Wow, that was a fast respond! Thanks.
    So now, by moving periodically, I can keep my BG 70-85 all day (except after food intake)! Night is the only time I can not control it. Ketones are going away over months/years, probably fatty acids taking over energy control of the body? Cause very
    little BG in the blood and little amount of ketones. Very interesting. I am pretty happy on this diet and feel good. The only discrepancy that bothers me is calorie intake. It looks like i have to stay in the range 1200-1400 Cal to remain relatively slim (I am 54 years old, 168 lb, 5’8″) and it is considered to be low by common medical view. However I can not afford more calories, gaining weight quickly. Can I live on 1300 Cal? (I do not mind, but feared of nutrition deficiency).

    • Thank you for contacting me, however, due to the nature of medicine and without a formal face-to-face doctor patient relationship, I cannot answer any individual questions, make individual medical recommendations or give individual nutritional recommendations. To maintain the highest standards of medical compliance, clarity and accuracy for answers regarding these issues, you will need to schedule an appointment with me face-to-face in the office or take these questions directly to your personal physician. Thank you for your understanding.

      • I left a message on your office practice machine. Want to make an appointment ASAP!

  22. Hello Doc
    I recently discovered your podcast with Jimmy on iTunes, KetoTalk. Thank you both for such an informative podcast. I’m learning a lot. I have been on the ketogenic diet for a little over 2 weeks now. I’m 5’3″ and 190lbs. 42 yrs. I average 30g carbs, 100g protein, 150-200g fat daily. 2000 calories. I usually have the bulletproof coffee in the late morning and dinner around 7p. I don’t usually have lunch, because I am still full from the coffee. I started testing my urine with the keto strips and I’m concerned with the results. In the mornings and evenings my readings is anywhere between 4-8 mmol/L. But at least once during the time between meals, my results will be 16 mmol/L. I have very strong Type 2 Diabetic genes running through both sides of my family, with 3 siblings and both parents and grandparents being diagnosed. Should I be concerned about my ketone strips reading? My husband fears it may be a sign of keto acidosis or type 2 diabetes. What is your opinion? Should I be concerned?

    • Socorro,
      Thank you for contacting me, however, due to the nature of medicine and without a formal face-to-face doctor patient relationship, I cannot answer any individual questions, make individual medical recommendations or give individual nutritional recommendations. To maintain the highest standards of medical compliance, clarity and accuracy for answers regarding these issues, you will need to schedule an appointment with me face-to-face in the office or take these questions directly to your personal physician. Thank you for your understanding.

  23. I am an acupuncturist in OR beginning to implement the keto diet as part of my practice. Could you please point me in the direction of any relevant literature or share experience with using the keto diet for patients with cardiomegaly and hypertension? I’ve read quite a bit about HTN but less so with significant cardiomegaly. Or please share any literature regarding conditions that respond poorly to a keto diet? Thanks so much!

  24. I’ve been enjoying your pod cast with Jimmy Moore and I would like to learn more about the keto life style. I tried to sign up for your mini course but it wouldn’t accept my e-mail. I’ve been using the same acct. for several years. Is there something I can do to get signed up?

  25. I live in Eugene, Oregon and am interested in finding a doctor like you in my area. If you know of anyone in the Eugene or Springfield area you could recommend, I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks

  26. I have read many of the books Dr. Nally recommends on Amazon! I will be listening to his podcasts tonight! I gave up sugar & artificial sweeteners on February 1, 2015.
    I love to walk & swim daily. January 17, 2017 I had a Lumpectomy for Stage 1 Invasive DCIS breast cancer. I am a positive person and a fighter! I must take anastrozole pill for 5 yrs-side effect is weight gain!❤ I want to lose 100 pounds & reverse my type 2 diabetes! I have Cigna & you are in my network! I left a phone message at your office practice! I need your help,! ,MCT oil & coconut oil have been helpful. Verdana is the brand l use. I like coconut oil! Eating wild fish, grass fed meats, organic veggies! I track everything that goes in my mouth using LOSE IT app!
    I will be calling your office again tomorrow. Today is the day after Easter !
    I got your name from my massage therapist, Aaron Darrow!
    Donna Eckhoff-Sun City West
    Donna Eckhoff

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