The Revolutionary Primary Care Model

Primary care physicians have an unprecedented opportunity to lead the heath care transformation. This means that primary care physicians can influence the emerging health care delivery models and improve care and cost effectiveness while also building a business model that accrues enterprise value and market relevance. The choice is yours. If you are a primary care physician, you can choose to influence the market or be influenced BY the market.

Arizona Primary Care Physicians (APC) is the organization leading this transformation. That is why I aligned my practice with this unique, entrepreneurial group of physicians, dedicated to providing patient centered, evidence based health care in a way that preserves the physician-patient relationship. It is an organization built by primary care for primary care.

APC is a physician owned and operated organization designed specifically to meet the emerging health care realities of today and tomorrow in Arizona. APC was developed to preserve what the independent primary care physician holds dearest – clinical and business autonomy – while remaining relevant and building significant enterprise value for the physician.

When you become a part of APC you become an owner of APC. Your individual practice becomes an operating division of APC and remains under your management and influence. You determine your compensation, operating hours, staffing structure, EMR choice, billing, collections and oversee all day-to-day management functions.

APC operates as a single entity under a single TIN. All individual practices that join APC will operate as a separate division under their own operational management. Because APC is a group practice, meeting Stark law and OIG regulations, it has the additional benefit of ancillary services available as an extension of the practice.

The medical marketplace has been anxiously awaiting the busy primary care provider to peek out from our exam rooms and recognize our relevance in the market.  APC is designed as a market-relevant physician group comprised of primary care physicians from across the entire marketplace. This includes providers from Buckeye to Casa Grande and from Anthem to the Salt River – and eventually across all of Arizona. This single-entity model provides value and convenience to purchasers and will be vitally important as the commercial marketplace evolves towards the streamlining of the insurance exchanges.

I aligned my practice with APC because I recognize that it has the capabilities and experience to manage multiple contracting and network development models with payors.  This is critical as the marketplace transforms the reimbursement models for providers. The competencies within APC include: capitation; global risk, professional services risk, bundled payment, ACO models, gain sharing, value-based, care management, disease management, clinical analytics, compliance, population health, quality and outcomes measurement, customer engagement, and others.APC logo

APC is a primary care-centric model built by physicians for physicians. APC allows me to remain independent, treat my patients the way they need to be treated, and yet, not be alone. APC is the solution to financial viability, practice sustainability, clinical excellence, professional satisfaction, market relevance, and practice value growth.

Contact me when you’re ready to revolutionize your medical office and your career.

You can see a recent exclusive article by the Phoenix Business Journal here.

One Comment on “The Revolutionary Primary Care Model

  1. PCPs are truly the gatekeepers and so vital in the medical arena. Appreciate seeing opportunities for them to shine at what they do best-coordinate care, see and treat the ‘whole person’ (Who is just a set of lungs or a heart?).

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