11 Proteins That Spike Insulin

This week on Episode #50 of we talked about those proteins highest in arginine and lysine with the greatest potential for spiking your insulin and kicking you out of ketosis.  Here is a Graphic to give you a little help:

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Ketogenic Interview with Vicki Fitch: A Fresh Perspective

I had the chance to appear for an interview on Vicki Fitch’s podcast last night: A Fresh Perspective.  We talked about bacon, ketogenic diets, hypoglycemia, sweeteners, food cravings, #FitchSlaps, exogenous ketones and we answered a bunch of great questions from the Facebook Live audience.  You can see video of the show below: Had a great […]

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The Principle Based Ketogenic Lifestyle . . . Part I

It has been resoundingly clear to me over the last couple of weeks that there is a tremendous need for a principle based approach to a ketogenic diet.  This approach, however, must be simple.  So many of the approaches to weight loss I read about are complex and the questions that arise from these approaches […]

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