Can You Senior and Keto?

There are a number of myths floating around the blogosphere, social media and the “cyber-web” about who can and can’t use a ketogenic diet. Podcast #61 of tackles a number of these myths head on. Today, we break down myths about: Insatiable Hunger, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue, Can Keto/IF Halt Weight Loss, Elevated Ketone […]

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KetoTalk From the Caribbean Sea

Dr. Nally recently spoke about Low-Carbohydrate/Ketogenic Diets on the 2016 Low Carb Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  While there, he and Jimmy Moore recorded another episode of KetoTalk with Jimmy and the Doc. Listen in to KetoTalk Episode 20: A LIVE Q&A Session From The 2016 Low-Carb Cruise Here’s what Jimmy and Dr. Nally talked about […]

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Caffeine . . . Weight Loss Wonder Boy or Sneaky Scoundrel?

I’ve been looking for the answer for quite some time. . . what role does caffeine play in your and my weight management journey?  The answer gave me a headache. . . literally and figuratively. As many of you, including my office staff, know, I love my Diet Dr. Pepper (and my bacon).  I found […]

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