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5 Comments on “Low Carb Store & Products

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  3. Hej,

    In your PeriScope: Home Grown Leafy Greens for your Ketogenic Diet on Sat. 24 October, you mentioned several or at least a few beta blockers that do not cause weight gain or at least do not hinder weight loss. I take atenolol for my afib. I would like to talk to my physician about these others. I am elderly, which may make a difference. Please post the beta blockers that you mentioned. Thank you.


  4. Last time I tried keto I had trouble digesting the fat and felt tired with hair loss and slow weight loss. I also started feeling irritable and insomnia. However, now that I went back to eating carbs my hair loss has stopped but weight gain is enormous. How do I do a well formulated keto diet again with the issues I had before?

  5. Dr Nally: Great podcast w/jimmy. what is the best way to get a phone consultation with you. I am a retired High School teacher living 2. hours South of Yuma. I’ve followed keto/ if for over 1 year and lost 40 lbs. I’m 70 and very active swimming, walking and golf. My 1 health problem is occasional stomach cramps that last 2-5 hours. I had a colenoscopy which came back negative. I had a CT scan that showed 10 small gallstones. My doc in California thinks I should have the gall bladder removed. I just want to be sure that the gb is the problem. The cramps are never on the right side, but under the sternum or even completely on the left side.

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