Atherosclerosis: The Stuff Heart Attacks & Strokes are Made Of. . .

Watch as we talk for a few minutes about how insulin affects atherosclerosis and increases the risk of heart disease.  The higher your insulin, the more plaque you make . . . yes, it is that simple.

Risk for atherosclerosis can be determined by checking your cholesterol and specifically an NMR Lipoprofile with lipids through LabCorp or a CardioIQ with Lipid Panel through Quest Labs.  Additionally, ultrasound testing of the carotid arteries, which we do in my office, or through the cardiology offices, checks risk of vascular disease in the arteries of the neck and a stress test can be completed by the cardiologist to assess risk in the arteries of the heart.

Decrease your plaque risk through the use of a ketogenic diet.  How do you do that?  You can learn the basic principles here:

Many people have asked me over the last few weeks how to jump-start this process and get the most effective approach as they apply the principles above.  You can jump-start your ketogenic journey by incorporating Dr. Nally’s favorite ketogenic products below.




Dr. Nally’s Elimination Diet

Dr. Nally's Elimination Diet.png



The Conundrum of Cholesterol & Ketones

Watch as Dr. Nally discusses how eating more fat actually lowers your cholesterol and your risk for heart disease.  Is a ketogenic lifestyle more effective than cholesterol medication?  Find out as we discuss this an many fascinating cholesterol questions from Dr. Nally’s Periscope watchers from around the world.  He also answers questions about his KetoEssentials Multi-Vitamin, Exogenous Ketones, and Pork Rinds (his favorite are the Pork Clouds brand).

So, mix up a bowel of fluff and grab a spoon while you listen and lower your cholesterol.


Hypertension . . . Does Fat Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Watch as we discuss how a ketogenic diet lowers your blood pressure . . . yes, fat drops blood pressure to normal ranges.  We talk about the four mechanisms causing blood pressure to rise and how ketosis improves those mechanisms. . . pull up some pork rinds (Pork Clouds are my favorite) and guacamole and enjoy . . .

Type II Diabetes Mellitus through the Lens of Insulin Resistance

Watch as we discuss Type II Diabetes from the perspective of insulin resistance and how using a ketogenic diet/lifestyle as well as exogenous ketones, KetoEssentials Multivitamin and supplements like berberine play a role in improving your health.

Grab your bacon, butter and pecans, . . . pull up a chair, and enjoy!!

Insulin Resistance 101

Pull up some pork rinds and a glass of KetoMax and check out my video blog on Insulin Resistance 101.  Let me know your questions as we go and I will add them to future videos or blogs.

Interested in Exogenous Ketones? Now’s the Time to Try . . .

For those of you who may be considering their use, or those who are using exogenous ketones on a regular basis, there is a 15% OFF SALE going on with my favorite exogenous ketone maker, Pruvit©, thru January 29th.  Now is the time to buy and save.


I’ve become a big fan of exogenous ketones for myself and my patients with a little more challenging insulin resistance.  My clinical experience has been great, both personally and with my patients, in helping people to get into, and maintain, a more successful level of ketosis that drives energy, fat loss, improved mental clarity & focus, and diminished inflammation throughout the body.

I’ve been using a packet 2-3 times a day for the last year, personally, and have found these to be the greatest addition to my ketogenic lifestyle. I’m stocking up right now. . .

If you haven’t tried exogenous ketones, now is the perfect time.  Buy yours now before this special ends.


11 Proteins That Spike Insulin


This week on Episode #50 of we talked about those proteins highest in arginine and lysine with the greatest potential for spiking your insulin and kicking you out of ketosis.  Here is a Graphic to give you a little help:


How Does Ketosis Affect the Diseases of Civilization?

Listen and watch as we talk about how ketosis, or the absence thereof plays a role in the formation of the Diseases of Civilization (It’s not rocket science, or maybe it is?)

We touch on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, carbohydrate restriction, the use of protein and even exercise (Did you say “eggs are sides . . .” or exercise?).   So pull up a piece of string cheese and spend 20 minutes that may just change your life.

You can find the vitamin supplements that Dr Nally developed and uses himself and with his patients at

You can find exogenous ketones referenced in the video at

Switching to Ketones . . .


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