20% Off Ketones Special

It’s happening again . . . Pruvit is offering 20% off until mid-night tonight.  Take advantage now!!


Click on the image above or here to order yours today.

For those outside the US:

Flag_of_Canada.png For my Canadian Friends click: http://www.docmuscles.shopketo.com/ca

AustralianFlag.jpgFor my Australian Friends click:  http://www.docmuscles.shopketo.com/au

One Comment on “20% Off Ketones Special

  1. I don’t know if my question went thru to you as I typed it up and entered my info but didn’t say whether my question was submitted. So apologize if duplicate. I read your blog when looking up sugars. I watched video on sugars. For the Keto os product you have, the label just says stevia. I’ve heard to stay away from bleached processed stevia powder. Do you know if this is raw stevia leaf processed without chemicals? Or should I not be concerned as long as it says stevia?

    And what kind of caffeine is in it? Thank you.

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