Fishy Crackers or BACON?

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4 Comments on “Fishy Crackers or BACON?

  1. Please help me. Since starting antidepressants for ocular migraines I cannot maintain ketosis. I am sticking with the diet but just blowing blue in my ketonix. Not giving up antidepressants because it like a miracle. Should I just keep on the diet anyway? Thank you, Suanne

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    • Suanne, thank you so much for contacting me! We are excited that you are enjoying our content and we want to answer your questions the best that we can. As a medical professional, I cannot answer individual medical questions for those who aren’t patients but he can answer general questions not related to a specific person. That is why we will be answering them for you live on one of his shows. Each week he will be doing a live segment called #DocTalk to answer your questions. Follow him here on Facebook or on Periscope @DocMuscles. If you would like a medical consultation, click this link ( to see if you are eligible for a HIPPA compliant Telemedicine visit. If you haven’t already gotten on our email list, go to and connect today!

  2. I am taking homeopathic remedy for Lyme and I can’t have any catfish’s…. The only keto drink I have had caffeine in it is this OK??? I feel the caffeine in keto is different from coffee! Can you comment on this please!? Not willing to stop keto!

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