KetoLife Arizona Event

If you’ve had any questions about how to apply the ketogenic lifestyle and how to encorporate exogenous ketones into that lifestyle, then come see me in Scottsdale on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, at the Doubletree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley.  I’ve been invited to crash the party, meet up with Michael Rutherford (The Howard Hughes of Exogenous Ketones) and teach about Ketogenic Biohacking and Insulin Resistance.   Register today, and I will see you there.

You can register at:

4 Comments on “KetoLife Arizona Event

  1. I gave purcgased the product but I’m unclear how to use it. I can’t make the workshop but where can I get this type of information??

    • Sherie,
      You should be able to get information on how to use the product from the person that you purchased it from. Otherwise, you can call my office and schedule to come to one of my weight loss classes.

  2. Hello Dr. Nally,
    Unfortunately I missed this event. Will there be another and how do I ensure that I know about it next time?
    Thank you for all that you do!

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