Atherosclerosis: The Stuff Heart Attacks & Strokes are Made Of. . .

Watch as we talk for a few minutes about how insulin affects atherosclerosis and increases the risk of heart disease.  The higher your insulin, the more plaque you make . . . yes, it is that simple.

Risk for atherosclerosis can be determined by checking your cholesterol and specifically an NMR Lipoprofile with lipids through LabCorp or a CardioIQ with Lipid Panel through Quest Labs.  Additionally, ultrasound testing of the carotid arteries, which we do in my office, or through the cardiology offices, checks risk of vascular disease in the arteries of the neck and a stress test can be completed by the cardiologist to assess risk in the arteries of the heart.

Decrease your plaque risk through the use of a ketogenic diet.  How do you do that?  You can learn the basic principles here:

Many people have asked me over the last few weeks how to jump-start this process and get the most effective approach as they apply the principles above.  You can jump-start your ketogenic journey by incorporating Dr. Nally’s favorite ketogenic products below.




4 Comments on “Atherosclerosis: The Stuff Heart Attacks & Strokes are Made Of. . .

  1. How do you measure the thickness of the arterial wall. My husband has atherosclerosis and he has had the calcium index score and a nuclear stress test. His Drs say they cannot measure anything less than a 50% blockage.

  2. Dear Dr, I recently tried Keto OS. I am confident after extensive creative and meticulous experimentation that Keto OS is neither a fat burner, appetite suppressant or weight loss enabler. It’s nothing. Anyone that claims to have had positive results from this product was making other changes in their lifestyle. There are legitimate products on the market with honest results.

    • Michael, I appreciate your comments, however, neither I nor the manufacturers of Keto//OS claim that the product is for weight loss. The product is used to augment Ketosis. Any other approach will be futile. Especially if you are severly insulin resistant or Diabetic. Many people, including muyself and many of my patients, have experienced improved fat burning and appetite suppression when in a more effective state of Ketosis. But if you are approaching weight loss or dietary change in any other way, it may not be effective. I’m sorry you didn’t experience these effects with your “creative approach” but after using the product myself and with over 440 patients. I find it to be VERY effective in augmentation of a Ketogenic Lifestyle and all the benefits of that lifestyle. If I can help, please schedule an appointment with me to identify why you did not experience success.

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