Dr. Nally’s Elimination Diet

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7 Comments on “Dr. Nally’s Elimination Diet

  1. Doc, I presume you received my earlier post to you in reference to ARBs and Berberine. I love berberine….but my bp was really affected by it. I presume you are aware of this interaction with ARBS. The liver seems to store the release of ARB when Berberine is added. My blood keytones have never been better 3.4mm. Blood glucose test strips 76 and below.
    I will try splitting a capsule in half once a day and see what happens. As I am an n=1 persona. OCD…a we bit. I just need to understand.

    So very much appreciate you and Jimmy….Kare

    • Karen, I find it very unlikely that berberine interacted with that ARB both berberine and ARBs have vasodilator effect on blood pressure. I have never seen this effect occur in my experience with bernerine. The liver does not “store ARB”. ARB is the receptor blocker itself and the liver doesn’t have capacity to store this drug. Angiotensin is made by the liver and stimulates vasoconstriction. Berberine has the opposite effect. Where did you read about this interaction as it is not present in the literature that I could find?

    • As I said to you, I suspect that your friends berberine contained something more than berberine. Without actually seeing you, your labs and the actual product you took, it is difficult to ascertain, nor should this be attempted over the internet in this forum.

    • Docc. I looked under berberine and Losartan. From what I understand the berberine affects how arb blood pressure med is released. As in slows it down.
      I trust what you say, will order your Berberine later today.
      My bp did rise quite a bit. At times 150/100.
      Usually 120-125/80-85
      Thanks for your quick response. Looking forward to receiving your product.

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