Hypertension . . . Does Fat Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Watch as we discuss how a ketogenic diet lowers your blood pressure . . . yes, fat drops blood pressure to normal ranges.  We talk about the four mechanisms causing blood pressure to rise and how ketosis improves those mechanisms. . . pull up some pork rinds (Pork Clouds are my favorite) and guacamole and enjoy . . .

4 Comments on “Hypertension . . . Does Fat Raise Your Blood Pressure?

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  2. Hi Dr. Nally! I really appreciate this subject because for some odd reason(s) my blood pressure has been fluctuating fairly high regularly despite my ketogenic WOE (near a year Keto). I suffer from anxiety, but it’s been particularly bad due to two back to back deaths in our immediate family. Plus I fell off the wagon so to speak after 13 months of sobriety and began to binge drink for about a week to help with all the chaos (it never helps). I am disappointed in myself, but I’m back in full swing Keto, yet blood pressure is wonky with readings around 150/95 and one time 160/90. Stage 1 numbers for sure. Can anxiety coupled with the drinking, albeit only for a week, have this kind of effect even though I’ve been solid for a good year? Thank u for all your insight and love, love, love Keto Talk and can’t wait to listen in every Thursday!

    • I cannot answer individually as I would have to see you as a patient. However, in general alcohol and falling off the Ketogenic wagon for even a week can effect blood pressure, yes.

  3. What if you are in adrenal fatigue and you already have super low blood pressure? I have heard some people say “don’t do keto if you have adrenal fatigue”. Other, like Maria Emmerich, says keto is great to heal adrenal fatigue. What’s your opinion?

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