Interested in Exogenous Ketones? Now’s the Time to Try . . .

For those of you who may be considering their use, or those who are using exogenous ketones on a regular basis, there is a 15% OFF SALE going on with my favorite exogenous ketone maker, Pruvit©, thru January 29th.  Now is the time to buy and save.


I’ve become a big fan of exogenous ketones for myself and my patients with a little more challenging insulin resistance.  My clinical experience has been great, both personally and with my patients, in helping people to get into, and maintain, a more successful level of ketosis that drives energy, fat loss, improved mental clarity & focus, and diminished inflammation throughout the body.

I’ve been using a packet 2-3 times a day for the last year, personally, and have found these to be the greatest addition to my ketogenic lifestyle. I’m stocking up right now. . .

If you haven’t tried exogenous ketones, now is the perfect time.  Buy yours now before this special ends.


4 Comments on “Interested in Exogenous Ketones? Now’s the Time to Try . . .

  1. Dr. Nally, I felt I should contact you in reference to Berberine. I had planned to order from you and Jimmy. A friend gave me a few 500mg (another brand) I took one the first day, two the next two days. I take Losartan for BP. By the day 4 my BP went way up. The highest 164/101. Has taken a few days to drop to a healthy average.

    Love what berberine did for my blood glucose readings. Shocked at the readings on blood keystone strips. High of 3.2mm – 2.8mm – 2.2mm. Felt great except for BP.

    Thought I should give you a heads up…. I might not be the only person to have this reaction because of Losartan.

    I never miss your and Jimmy’s podcasts, face books, etc. I have learned so much. Have all of Jimmy’s books. Looking forward to buying yours.

    Best regards, Karen Donegan

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Hi Dr Nally,

    I’ve been taking the caffeine-free Keto OS 3.0 chocolate swirl 1x daily for several days now, and I think I may be sensitive to the stevia (historically I haven’t been), because after taking it I want to eat everything in sight! It’s pretty bad…

    Have you seen this in any of your patients? Jimmy said stevia is no bueno for fasting due to the cravings that stevia can create, so I’m coming to you for your clinical take.

    Please advise thanks!


    • The crystalin stevia can do this to some people, but adding increased coconut oil seems to suppress the cravings that occur. The amount of stevia in the Keto//OS is very low. My question would be what are you mixing it with?

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