Insulin Resistance 101

Pull up some pork rinds and a glass of KetoMax and check out my video blog on Insulin Resistance 101.  Let me know your questions as we go and I will add them to future videos or blogs.

13 Comments on “Insulin Resistance 101

  1. Dr. Nally, I hope it is ok to contact you this way. Yesterday Rebecca called to give me the lab test results. I was overjoyed that the blood sugar had gone from 6.2 in late Sept. to 5.4. But my concern is that my cholesterol had gone up from 210 to 213. I’m also low on sodium. I’m increasing the daily intake of salt but I don’t know what to do about the cholesterol. My body has started craving salads and I will begin walking as soon as I get over this stupid sinus/head cold or whatever it is. I am wondering if I should change my meat or cheese intake? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Love how things are going so far…….Thanks for all your help. Cherie Watkins

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  3. Doc Nally – got to say I love your videos – lots of great info that even the lay person such as I can understand – well most of it anyway lol! Anyway – wondering if you have or will do one on nutritional ketosis and ketosisacidosis?

    thanks for all the great info 🙂 Docia

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  5. Love you podcasts and live broadcasts. I have to ask though, what do you feed your dogs? My German Shepherd would probably benefit from the Keto diet too 😃🐕
    Thank you,

  6. I have been following you on Facebook and watched many of your videos, get emails, etc. I have been keto for almost 9 months and have only lost about 20 lbs. I have been strict keto, I have even tried the Keto OS for a month, 2x’s a day and I am not getting into fat burning ketosis. I have a keto meter and the highest I have been is .8, even 1-2 hours after the keto os. My fasting glucose level is usually in the 90’s, occasionally will be slightly over 100. I assume I am still insulin resistant. Is it possible the keto diet is just not working for me (does it work for everyone?) or does it take longer for some people to get out of insulin resistance? I need to loose about 75 lbs, so it’s not like I am even close to my goal weight causing the slow loss. Help! Is there any way to speed up the weight loss process? Thank you!!

      • What kind of testing do you suggest? I was in a few months ago and everything on the standard tests were all good except that cholesterol was slightly high. I am a pretty healthy person, active, but over weight

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