Switching to Ketones . . .


4 Comments on “Switching to Ketones . . .

  1. My medical Dr called me today to let me know that following my ultrasound they found a polip in my gallbladder. He has referred me to a surgeon, I have already desided I do not want surgery , I only have one kidney warking at 63 per cent, I am on the ketgenic food program loosing very slow, What is your sdvice? The gallbladder is not bothering me unless. I eat much fats.

    • Clelia, thank you for contacting me, however, due to the nature of medicine and without a formal face-to-face doctor patient relationship, I cannot answer any individual questions, make individual medical recommendations or give individual nutritional recommendations. To maintain the highest standards of medical compliance, clarity and accuracy for answers regarding these issues, you will need to schedule an appointment with me face-to-face in the office or take these questions directly to your personal physician. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Brilliant Adam.Your messages are very helpful. And blessings to your son on his journey with the Lord and those that will be lifted up. Amen. John 

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