25 Benefits of Ketosis: Part II – Incretins

More than you ever wanted to know about how gut hormones play a role in ketosis.

5 Comments on “25 Benefits of Ketosis: Part II – Incretins

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  2. GLP-1 suppresses GABA and therefore leads to reduction in pain?? Why do many docs prescribe drugs that are GABA analogs or possible GABA production stimulators (ie Gabapentin) to reduce pain. Seems to be contradictory.

    • Joe, GABA analogs (there are only two of them, gabapentin and Lyrica) are not prescribed to reduce pain. They are neuro-epilieptic drugs that decrease the excitabilty of the peripheral nerve pathways reducing the sensation of burning, numbness, and tingling (they also cause weight gain and water retention . . . hmmm . . . interesting isn’t it?) Not contradictory at all.

  3. Still a bit confused here… My understanding was that a ketogenic diet(KD) would put the Glutamate/GABA ratio in favor of GABA. How can a KD both stimulate GLP-1(which suppresses GABA) and increases GABA in the brain?

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