The Sign of a Good Doctor . . .


4 Comments on “The Sign of a Good Doctor . . .

  1. So true! My husband was one BP meds, cholesterol meds and just found out he was diabetic. I said ENOUGH!! I researched in order to find a way to reverse diabetes, not just manage it and found keto. That was the easy part, The hard part was finding a doctor in our area that reinforced it and didn’t think we were nuts. Thank God for Dr. Nally. Followed his blog and periscope and just did what he said to do since we had to wait 3 months to see him as a new patient. For three months we did what Dr. Nally taught us to online so that by the time we got in to see him for the first time, his FBS was normal, his A1c was almost normal, took him off BP meds and cholesterol meds and he had lost 53 lbs. He is taking nothing now but coconut oil supplements. Fat is the only way to go and everyone we know thinks we are crazy so we know we must be on the right track. Thanks Dr. Nally!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. In light of the above, please consider you own statement that 20% of post-menopausal women need estrogen in order to lose weight.

    As one of these women, I can tell you that taking estrogen is not my solution to this problem. Instead, I need to keep my carbs extremely low, my protein lower than your recommended amount, only eating when I am truly hungry, stopping before I am satiated and most of all, being very very very patient. The weight will come off, but very slowly.

    Is your recommendation of estrogen any different than giving BP meds, cholesterol meds or diabetes meds to solve a problem? Sure, its easier and quicker – but what about the side effects?

    I rarely, if ever comment online, but I felt compelled to. If anyone struggles with this issue it is me. I am female, over 60, been hypothryroid since I was a child, have lupus and diabetes. If I can live this lifestyle, and lose a lot of weight, and dramatically decrease my reliance on other medications, albeit incredibly slowly, anyone on the planet can.

    Please read these comments from the perspective of an older woman, not a young, healthy male.
    Thank you

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