KetoDynamic Successes . . .

Adam Tiffini 

As I reviewed my website recently, I realized that I have posted lots of science but I’ve never posted any success stories.  So, as patient’s are comfortable & willing to share, I will begin posting these experiences here on the blogosphere for the world to witness their successes and the power of the KetoDynamic Antidote.  

The first success story is my own.  This picture of me and my wife, were taken after I had been following a ketogenic lifestyle for about 4 years.  I dropped 60 lbs, normalized my cholesterol and blood sugar also normalized.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t recommend these lifestyle changes unless I was willing to follow them for the long haul myself. I call people following a ketogenic lifestyle for longer than a year “Ketonians.”

Not only mine, but hundreds of patient’s having similar successes have become the greatest reward to my career as a physician over the last 15 years.  They are truly the “KetoDynamic Moments” that etch themselves into my memory and have made me such an advocate of a ketogenic lifestyle.  Therefore, it is with great honor and excitement that I have been allowed to share Michelle’s story below. 

Michelle started seeing me in October 2015. She has struggled with weight all her life and, now in her late 40’s, weighed 201 lbs with a waist circumference of almost 36 inches and a body mass index of 32.  Her “before” picture was taken just before a Halloween activity in 2015.  Her “after” picture was taken in late March 2016.  

A simple ketogenic lifestyle change ( <20g of carbohydrates, moderate protein for her ideal body weight & increasing fat to > 60% of total calories) has produced almost 50 lbs of weight loss and 6 inches off her waist in just 5 months.  This was with dietary change only (Michelle doesn’t exercise) and she’s still losing weight.  What is dramatic, and I see it every day, is that Michelle looks younger by at least 10 years (she actually added 20 years to her life span with this weight loss already).  She feels fantastic.  Blood sugar and cholesterol are now under control and she has tremendous amounts of energy.  Her picture in March is at a body mass index of 29.
Michelle doesn’t calorie restrict. She just eats until she is full.  Congratulations, Michelle!!! And, keep up the great work.

If you’d like to share your KetoDynamic successes with me and my audience, please let me know. 

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