Healthy Ketogenic Bio-Hacking…Come Learn How


Ever wondered if it is possible to change up your metabolic genetics for the better?  Come join me this week.  I’ll be speaking about Ketogenic BioHacking,  Thursday, March 31st, in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Meet me from 7-8:30pm and learn how to improve fat burning, bio-hack your epi-genetic metabolism for improved blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and so much more . . .

You’ll also get to meet Kim Minert who will be signing her new book, Burn Fat for Fuel.  And, you’ll get a chance to meet the amazing Abigail Epps-Kluttz, body builder, fitness model & Pruvit Ambassador.

You can sign up at the Eventbrite link here. I look forward to seeing you!!

7 Comments on “Healthy Ketogenic Bio-Hacking…Come Learn How

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  2. Soooo sad, I’ve been auditing out in Mesa (IWA) and we are leaving to go back to Vegas tomorrow afternoon. Any chance you’ll be speaking in Vegas sometime?
    Debbie aka ReadtheFirst164

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