Ketogenic Rule #7: Abs are Made in the Kitchen – Not the Gym

Abs female Abs made in kitchen

“Doc, how do I get six-pack abs?”

I get this question almost daily. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is NO exercise program that will give you “six-pack” abs.

Really.  You can do sit-ups, leg lifts and crunches ’till the cows come home and it will do nothing other than give you abdominal cramps.  It will also make you hungry.  I don’t care what Men’s Fitness,, Muscle Magazine, Shape or even Doctor Oz said. There are no “6 Best Exercises for Ripped Abs.”  There is only one exercise . . . throwing the carbs in the trash (or giving them to the neighbor you don’t like.)

The “12 Step Ab Program” really only has ONE STEP . . . cut the carbs.  Let me repeat that.  There is only ONE STEP to “six-pack abs,” . . . cut the carbs.  Cardiovascular exercise does nothing for amazingly toned abdominal muscles, other than make you hungry.   Resistance exercise improves insulin resistance, but doesn’t build the abs.  Avoiding the milk, rice, wheat, oatmeal and fruit allows the abs to appear.  Yes, I’m serious.  What do bears eat? Berries.

When did you last see the a bear with “six-pack abs?”

The only way to see your “six-pack” is to remove the fat covering your “six-pack.”  The only way to get rid of fat covering your “six-pack” is to stop drinking it and lower the carbohydrate content to less than 20 grams per day.  Seriously . . .

So you’ve done 100 crunches a day for six months?  Do you see your “six-pack” now?  Exactly.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Follow the principles outlined in my past articles like The Principle Based Ketogenic Lifestyle . . . Part I & Ketogenic Principles . . . Part II and make sure you are avoiding Common Ketosis Killers.


KetoOS – Drinkable Exogenous Ketones

Staying in ketosis and adding 2-3 days of resistance training will melt 2-5 lbs of abdominal fat away each month.   Yes, I know it is slow . . . but that is weight (fat) that will stay off.  Use whole foods high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrate.  Use supplements like Keto//OS & Adapt bars to help when you don’t have access to a good meal or as a snack when you are hungry.  Look at the list of Low Carb Links above to get great ideas for meal preparation and sweeteners that you can use.


Adapt Your Life



15 Comments on “Ketogenic Rule #7: Abs are Made in the Kitchen – Not the Gym

  1. Thank you Dr. Nally! I’ve been trying to convince my fiance exercise is for muscles, diet (not a diet, but what you eat) is to lose weight. He works out – total gym, kettle balls and elliptical almost every night, but the scale hasn’t moved too much. He eats a boat load of carbs. I think he is slowly coming around. I’ll show him this.
    Since mid January I’m down around 4-5 pounds and over 10 inches! I’m in a weight loss competition for Corporate Challenge at work; would adding some elliptical help move the scale along? I don’t try to kill myself on it, I try to keep my heart rate around 110-120. Also, I just got some blood ketone test strips so I’m going to start measuring those this week.
    Debbie aka “ReadtheFirst164”

  2. Hi Dr. Nally, I’m very interested in Keto//os for my daughter, she will be 13 in October, she has Metabolic Syndrome. Her cholesterol is as of now fine, the doctor took her off Metformin. But she is still struggling with so many things: cravings, up and down mood, no energy, brain fog, ADD, abdominal fat, etc… We work out together, we eat healthy but it doesn’t matter what we do she just can’t lose weight.. I can’t sleep because I worry so much about her. Now she’s in middle school and she getting so self conscious about herself, it’s holding her back from things she wants to do… Would this be safe to give her? I want to see her happy and to be able to feel good about herself. Any advise or suggestions you have would be so helpful.

    Thank you!

    • Yes, Leigh. It is safe for adolescents. The big issue is that it contains MCT which can cause “lose bowels” initially if you are not use to taking MCT oils like coconut oil. My own teenagers use 1/2 packet twice a day as needed for energy, snack or brain fog. In regards to the weight, I’d work closely with your doctor about her insulin, glucose and carbohydrate/protein intake.

      • Hi Dr. Nally,

        Keto//os came in… My daughter has taken it for two days, major difference!! So amazing…The only problem I’m having is she doesn’t like to drink it – we’ve tried water and diet Dr. Pepper. Help… Any suggestions?

        Thank you!!

      • Go to Target and pick up some coconut or lemon lime flavored La Croix sparkling water. It tastes fantastic and my favorite is chilled and mixed with the coconut.
        What improvements did you notice?

  3. It was great – she had energy, focus, mood was steady all day long. She was happy, nice to be around, no ups and downs, she didn’t have crazy cravings. Thank you for answering so quickly! And for your Blog, I’ve been searching and searching for something to help her, I just hope sparkling water will work.

    • Leigh and Doc
      Did you find something to put the keto os in that taste good? It is so sweet that all I have been able to do it dilute with a ton of water and even then I still don’t like the taste. I did not like it in the sparking water. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

      • I find that the Keto//OS tastes great in 12-24 oz of La Croix Coconut or Orange flavored sparkling water. I also like it in plain water as well. My wife uses Vernor’s Diet Ginger-ale.

      • Jodi- This is a late reply but I have found that mixing 1/2 packet of Keto OS (Orange Dream 2.1) with unsweetened almond milk, ice and a few drops of liquid stevia in a blender is delicious! If your carb count will tolerate it, a TINY bit of xanthan gum may help thicken it-it turns out like a milkshake!
        It is truly my mid afternoon treat!

  4. Hi doc.. I am trying keto os for the first time and was surprised how sweet it was. I only used a half packet and I had to dilute with more water! I guess I lost my sweet tooth. I am in ketosis but not seeing any results. i reviewed my diet and it looks ok. Protein 50 carbs 20. A lot of fat. Sometimes I eat over 2,000 calories in fat. Can this be too much?? Or can it just be stress…
    Thanks jodi

  5. Doc Nally one more ? Is this safe to take everyday? How should we work it into our eating plan? I thought I would just use it on long trips but it seems from other comments they are using it daily.
    Thanks jodi

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