Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #5: “Impossible” Only Means You Haven’t Found the Solution Yet


Yes, that’s what I said, “impossible” only means you haven’t yet found the solution.  That is the 5th Lifestyle Rule.  Nothing is impossible.

I’ve been thinking about impossible today because I re-read one of my favorite stories in the New Testament found in the 17th chapter of Matthew.  It is one of my favorites, for a few reasons, which I will point out, but it brings all of the elements of a ketogenic lifestyle together in a light which overcomes impossibilities.   The story, found in verses 14-21, present a father who brings his son to Christ’s disciples to be healed from a disease they called “lunatick,” a presentation that strongly resembles what the modern day physician might interpret as a seizure disorder, epilepsy or even a form of autism, and a pretty severe case according to the record.

The Holy Bible The Holy Bible

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Christ’s disciples are unable to cure him, and Jesus requested that the young man be brought to him.  Upon seeing the child, Christ “rebuked the devil and he departed out of him,” (1) and the child was immediately healed. (My intent here is not to discuss the literal or figurative religious meaning of what actually transpired, but to discuss the “how” of possibility).  Later, the disciples of Jesus approach and ask him why they didn’t have the ability to heal the young man.


Christ’s response was one that has always fascinated me.  He said, “. . . this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (2).  If find it fascinating because, first, he implies that a sense of the possible is obtained through prayer and/or meditation, an expression of one’s faith (I address the need for belief, faith and/or meditation here in the Psychology of a Ketogenic Lifestyle). What is even more amazing to me is that epilepsy is very effectively treated today by a ketogenic state, a metabolic state that is induced by fasting, the second part of his answer.  This second piece has been the one that I have been pondering for many years. How does a state of ketosis unlock the impossible? (see The Principle Based Ketogenic Lifestyle – Part I & Ketogenic Principles – Part II)

I was told in medical school that diabetes mellitus was not curable, yet I now have multiple patients, once diabetic by medical standard,  who now no longer fit the definition of diabetes.  It did not happen over night, and in most cases took over two years, but that’s where the faith took place.  They reached this state of health through their faith that it was possible, and the continued physical induction of ketosis.



KetoOS – Drinkable Exogenous Ketones

For many years the world was “flat” . . . or was it?  For the last 50 years “eating fat makes you fat” . . . or does it?  Impossible is just a word used by those who don’t know the solution.

We often refer to the overcoming of impossibility as miraculous, and rightly so.   But I find it interesting that the formula, written in a 2000 year old text, is applicable today.  What I take this to mean is that health is more than just a diet.

It is for this reason that I refer this approach as the Ketodynamic Lifestyle.  It is one that requires the involvement of not just the body, but the spirit and the mind.  Because, as I said, nothing is impossible.


  1. Matthew 17:18, New Testament, King James Ver., 1979
  2. Matthew 17:21, New Testament, King James Ver., 1979

4 Comments on “Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #5: “Impossible” Only Means You Haven’t Found the Solution Yet

  1. Very interesting how you tied the scripture ( and prayer and fasting) in with a ketogenic diet’s effect on epilepsy. You’re definitely on to something! I need time to chew on this …

  2. So agree with you Doc Nally. The further we have moved from God given, God created food, the more we got sick. So many of the patients I take care of in the ICU have been victims of process/ convenient food. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. God has left us much structure and lifestyle guidelines, but unfortunately something always gets us side tracked. Weather it is lack of time, motivation, addiction or other internal or external forces we always have to remember who we are and where we came from. We are God’s children and as our parent God would never put us in harms way.
    We can be our own worst enemy. Impossibility is of our own creation. Look around, the clues are all around us and if you don’t see them your not looking hard or deep enough. Don’t forget to look up along your trials in life. If awnsers don’t appear now always remember God has a plan trust in him.

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