Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #1: There should ALWAYS be bacon in the fridge

BaCoN Fridge

I thought that over the next few weeks I’d address a number of Ketogenic Lifestyle Rules that I have adopted.  These seem to help and bring a little clarity to one following a Ketogenic Lifestyle or someone on the road to becoming a true “Ketonian.”

The first of these rules is that there should ALWAYS be bacon in the fridge!
Adapt Your Life

We address this rule and some interesting facts around having bacon in the fridge in this evening’s Persicope below.  We also address the benefits of journaling, how to help stop binge eating, what are your real protein needs, and red-meat fear-mongering. We even discuss whether or not pigs like bacon.  Enjoy!


Links referenced in this video:

Red & Processed Meats: Bacon Fear-Mongering

Calculating Your Protein Needs from Ideal Body Weight

The Power of a Good Vitamin


(Just a note: I love’s service; however, due to the contract language allowing to have unlimited rights to my Periscope Videos, I have withdrawn from Katch and my videos are no longer available on this medium until the contract usage can be modified.)

2 Comments on “Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #1: There should ALWAYS be bacon in the fridge

  1. Hi Dr. Nally,
    I am 47years old peri-metapausal and can’t loose weight. I started ketogenic diet about 11days ago and confused by your comment. You mentioned that calories and fat don’t matter and if I am still hungry I can eat more fat?. My question is that I want to loose weight so if I give my body too much fat won’t it not use my stored fat? I love the new podcast and found it by accident. I look forward to your blogs and podcasts.
    Thank you,

    • Jodi, great question. The answer is no. As long as your carbohydrate levels are kept low and your protein levels are moderated, you will only produce limited amounts of insulin. The only way the body will store fat is if insulin is present to signal the body to store. Insulin is the limiting step for “fat storage.” If you turn your insulin production down, you can eat all the fat you want, and your body will pick and choose what it wants and discard the rest. The dogma that if you eat the fat, you store the fat is absolutely wrong. So, if you’re hungry, eat more fat (just keep the carbs low and the protein moderated for your ideal body weight). Hope that helps.
      Adam Nally, D.O.

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