Today’s Weight Loss Rx . . .

A few of my patients have recently asked me, “Dr. Nally, why to you post pictures of your horsekoi and farm animals on instagram?”

Let me answer that question with the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself longing for the apocalypse?
  • Do you find yourself looking for a reason to live?
  • Are you feeling tired, irritable, stressed out?
  • Do you or you family find yourself to be overly cynical, jaded or emotionally numb?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions above, then I highly recommend prescription strength nature . . .

All parody and humor aside, full strength prescription nature is one of the very best treatments for stress.

I find that sitting outside with my animals, watching the birds, dogs, horses and ducks dramatically helps with lowering my stress levels and helps me re-focus.  You can see my favorite place to sit on my farm and watch nature . . . here on

You may find the following posts very insightful in explaining how stress wreaks havoc on your weight loss, mood & emotions and how to go about fixing it:

For someone like me, who spends 14-18 hours a day taking care of illness and sickness, I have found that spending time in nature is often more therapeutic than any pill available in the pharmacy.  So, this afternoon, if your looking for me, I’ll be taking my own medicine, a prescription of Nature Rx on my horse.

3 Comments on “Today’s Weight Loss Rx . . .

  1. Dr. Nally, what supplements would you recommend? I purchase D-3 (2000 IU), a potassium magnesium capsule, Ubiquinol, Omega-3, and a probiotic. I have read articles that recommend numerous items, such as choline, L-argitine, and more, but I could go broke that way.

    • Lynne, there are quite a few supplaments that I recommend. I’ve waited for over 10 years for someone to put one together and no one has, so I created my own. KetoEnhance is the supplement I’d recommend. It has everything except for the Omega-3 fatty acids (which you can get through using coconut oil.) You can read about it here:
      I do recommend a good probiotic. my office offers one called Dietary KetoBalance, however, it must be refrigerated, so you’ll have to pick a a bottle in the office.
      I hope that helps.

  2. Doctor Nally’s horse, koi and pond are beautiful, he is being generous in sharing it with us and I’d like to thank him. God created all, He gave us animals for many reasons, one of those reasons is for His Glory, we need to be thankful for the creatures God has given us. I’m f we look at a sunset and find it beautiful, we can thank God for giving us the beauty that He created, He gave these things to all the peoples of the world, but very few thank Him for it. If anyone is experiencing hopelessness, depression, fatigue or feels that life holds nothing for them any longer, please, begin to thank God for the blessings He has placed all around you! Blessings you take for granted every day. It’s God’s love that keeps our blessings coming…”take a moment and look at what God has placed near you by way of His creation! The beauty of birds and their song….the beauty of a white tail bunny, or a butterfly…. Thank God for these things and you will find yourself coming out of the depression you feel. Talk this over with Dr. Nally and let him know about your depression.

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