How Your Fruit and Your Alcohol Stop Your Weight Loss

Fruit & Alcohol Halt Weight Loss

Yes, your fruit makes you fat just like your beer gives you a beer belly. . .

It is fascinating how similarly fructose (the sugar in fruit) and alcohol are processed through the liver.  Both of them increase insulin and both increase triglyceride production as a byproduct of their metabolism.  This is clearly pointed out in Robert Lustig’s paper published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2010.

The metabolic pathways are very clearly outlined below:

Metabolism of Ethanol

Metabolism of Fructose

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2 Comments on “How Your Fruit and Your Alcohol Stop Your Weight Loss

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  2. Hi Dr Nally. Love listening to your podcast Ketotalk with Jimmy Moore. Ive been keto for 7 months and doing well, my husband is non keto and thinks Im slowly killing myself, lol. 6 months ago he started a high fruit, low fat, low protein diet and still going strong. He did also, however, cut out eating bread, potatoes, and all starchy carbs so he has lost about 25 lbs. When he first started, I told him my concerns about the amount of sugar he is consuming eating all that fruit (Id say in one week he consumes 8 lbs of grapes, 8 lbs of grapefruit, 2-3 whole cantaloup, 1-2 big apples a day, at least 3-4 oranges a day, 1 sometimes 2 bananas a day, a fruit smoothie a day which is made from frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen mixed berries and a banana). His wheat grass eating, vegan friend convinced him the best way to eat is high fruit. My concerns/advice fall on deaf ears. If he goes to the doctor and something is amiss, say a lab result or some other thing thats been bothering him medically, he’ll blame it on the bite of steak he had a few days prior or something he had a bite or 2 of that I made that had butter in it. I guess what I am wondering is if you seen any patients who have eaten a similar diet for an extended amount of time and what sort of health issues you saw due to a high fruit, low fat, low protein diet. Im looking for something other than “it has too much sugar and spikes your insulin levels”, which is what I was telling him when he first started.
    Thanks for all the great information you give on the podcast, I really enjoy listening to it. Maybe next time I visit my brother (who lives in Gilbert, Az) I’ll have to pay a visit to your office, lol, and you can talk some “science” into my husband.

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