PeriScope: Home Grown Leafy Greens for your Ketogenic Diet

See today’s Periscope on simple aquaponics systems to grow your greens.

(Aquaponics – making fish doodoo work for you!!)

2 Comments on “PeriScope: Home Grown Leafy Greens for your Ketogenic Diet

  1. Dr. Nally, i have just started listening to your videos and reading the facts on your site i find it very interesting. as you have been my primary health care provider you awhere of my over all health and weight loss. i am not unhappy with my current level of weight but would and desire to be under 200 lbs about 190 or 185 would be perfect for my well being. I am very familiar with ketosis, but unfamiliar with the ketogenic diet you are prescribing. I will give you some quick numbers and hope that you will have suggestions for me if not now the next time we meet in december. I am eating approx 1600 calories at least 26 or 27 days a month. But those 1600 calories are comprised of the following 151 grams of protein 64 carbs and i would assume the rest is fat as i do eat a fairly high fat diet. i have remained pretty steady at 237 lbs or so and can always get back to that level even after a popcorn or higher carb day which i do do about once a week. frankly i am a bit at a loss. Charles H. Skaug

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