Crispy Fat Bomb

I am always impressed by good pictures, great recipes and and scrumptious food. My wife knows this. Finding great ketogenic recipes is essential. The reason, is that to loose weight and remain in ketosis, it is often essential to increase fat intake to at least 50% of your total calories.  Fat Bombs are a great snack idea that helps one accomplish this task.  Increasing fat to that level can be challenging for some.  Maria Emmerich has posted another tasty and tantalizing high fat, low carbohydrate snack.  Check out her recipe for the Crispy Fat Bomb.  This is one of those great high fat, low carb tools to keep you in ketosis.

On of my patient’s was just asking about another good Fat Bomb Recipe.  So, thanks, Maria!! And, my patient’s thank you too.  Try this one out. Please let me know what you think of the crispy versus Tiffini’s Fat Bombs.

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    • Good question, Colleen. Unfortunately, Swerve is a unique sweetener made from chicory root (ooligosaccharides) and erythritol. It works quite well and does not raise your insulin levels. Swerve can be found at Sprouts. I don’t substitute it enough to give you an alternative that works.

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