The Many Names of Sugar

Found this info-graphic while surfing Banner Health’s information pages. Many of my patients get a very confused look on their face when I ask them to restrict carbohydrates.  Sugar is the most prevalent form of carbohydrate in the Standard American Diet or SAD diet. Sugar comes by more than one name.  This info-graphic is actually very helpful.  All of these names are synonymous with weight gain and cholesterol formation.

Many names of sugar

2 Comments on “The Many Names of Sugar

    • William,
      Good question. The goal is to keep the carbohydrates as low as possible. So the top five foods to aviod are:
      1. Anything with table sugar in it (cakes, pies, candies, cookies, sweets, etc.)
      2. Dried fruit [Dried Cherries (128.8g), Dried Blueberries, sweetened (128g), Prunes (117.6g), Raisins (115.3g), Dates (110.3g), Cranberries (98.7g), Dried Apricots (98.6), Dried Peaches (96.5g), Figs (95.2g), and Dried Bananas (88.3g)].
      3. Cereals & Oat Meal [Servings from ~ 3/4 cup: Crispy Rice (28.5g), Cocoa Crispies (27.2g), Corn Pops (26.9g), Frosted Flakes (26.8g), Reduced-Sugar Frosted Flakes (26.3g), Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (26.1g), Marshmallow Froot Loops & Cocoa Dyno-Bites (25.9g), Apple Jacks with Marshmallow (25.1g), Golden Crisp & Fruity Dyno-Bites (24.3g), Golden Puffs (24.2g), Honey Smacks (23.9g), Bran Flakes (23.8g), and Fruit & Nut Muesli (23.3g)]
      4. Potato or Rice based Snack Foods [Rye Wafers (17.6g), Rye Crispbreads (16.4g), Corn Cakes (15g), Brown Rice Cakes (14.7g), Multigrain Rice Cakes & Buckwheat Rice Cakes (14.4g), Fat-Free Saltines (8.2g), (Grams per ounce): Pretzels (22.8g), Unsalted & Low-Fat Tortilla Chips (22.4g), Popcorn (21.8g)]
      5. Any kind of Flour [Potato Flour (133g), Barley Malt Flour (126.8g), Brown Rice Flour (120.8g), Barley Flour (110.3g), Wheat Flour (95.4g), Yellow Corn Flour (89.9g), Dark Rye (87.8g), Millet Flour (86.9g), Whole-Grain Wheat Flour (86.4g), Buckwheat Flour (84.7g), Light Rye (78.2g), Medium Rye (76.9g), Oat Flour (68.3g), and Chickpea Flour (53.2g)]

      Hope that helps.

      Adam Nally, D.O.

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