Tattoos, Sun Spots & Acne Scars

Do you still have that tattoo of “Jane” on your shoulder that your wife, Jenny, is tired of seeing?  Were you unaware at the time that tattoos are the exception to the mantra, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?”

Are those age or sun spots becoming more prominent and unsightly?

Do you have scarring from acne from years ago that you’d like to remove?

Have you begun developing “crows feet” with each passing year?

As you have been losing weight with your dietary changes, is it time to address those skin changes you’ve been noticing?

Not to worry.  We offer the fastest and most advanced laser technology in the world right inside our office.

Dr. Nally uses the PicoSure Laser which delivers ultra-short bursts of specific energy to the skin allowing him to selectively shatter the ink in tattoos with faster recovery time, fewer treatments and amazing results.

BA_PicoSure_Geronemus_Post6Tx_Buttrfly_Fullscreen1 BA_PicoSure_TATAWAY_Post5Tx_drumset_Fullscreen1

Because of the selectivity of the this laser, and the rapid burst of energy, facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatments with “no down time” are now available.

BA_Picosure_Wrinkle_RWeiss_Post4Tx_2B1 BA_PicoSure_R.-Geronemus_Acne_Post4Tx_01

The amazing technology now available with this laser allows Dr. Nally to improve and treat acne scarring that was previously very difficult to treat.


Even those pesky sun spots that worsen with age are no longer a challenge.

ba-freckles BA_Shamshik_Shin

Give us a call and let us set up your next treatment with the worlds most impressive and most advanced laser treatment system.

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