Lily’s Chocolate . . . It’s Quite Tastey!!

We just got a sample pack of Lily’s Chocolate.  This is a Stevia and erythritol sweetened chocolate that has no aftertaste and doesn’t cause the stomach upset that many experience with chicory root based products.  I am always looking for good low carbohydrate alternatives for snacks, as rescue foods, or to assist in baking.

My wife found this chocolate in a recipe that Carolyn Ketchum had posted on her website, All Day I Dream About Food.  It is quite tastey!! Thanks, Caroyln!! (By the way, I dream about food all day long, too.)

I scanned a copy of the wrapper for the Salted Almond & Milk Flavor.  I have to admit, I ate half the bar. It was that good!!

Lilys Stevia Sweetened Chocolate

For those looking for an alternative chocolate for a snack or to use in a recipe, this may be the answer.  You can find their whole line of chocolates here.

Hope this helps.

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