New Year Resolution Project

A few of my patient’s have fallen off the carbohydrate restriction waggon this last year.  In celebration of restarting your low-carb lifestyle and resolutions to improve your health, I propose the following celebration.

1) Go home right at 5pm

2) Pull out your favorite skillet (mine is a well used Lodge Cast Iron pan)

3) Remove your favorite full fat sausage from the freezer.

4) Look up your favorite cream cheese waffle recipe.

5) Make your self a Sausage Sanctuary, a Bacon Bungalow or a Low-Carb Cabin (whatever tickles your fancy) in celebration of restarting your carbohydrate restriction and removing the carbage from your life.

Sausage House

I suggest you use a Low-Carb cream cheese waffle you can find here for the roof.

Good Luck! And, may the ketones be with you!

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