Sugar with your Salt?

Now you have to watch your salt ingredients too.  Store bought salts are starting to add dextrose for flavor.  Dextrose is just another word for SUGAR!!  Aaarrrrhhhhh!!  Why do you need to add sugar to your salt?  You don’t.  Throw out any salt that contains dextrose.  It will raise your cholesterol and cause weight gain.

Salt with Sugar

Never noticed this until it was pointed out by Maria Emmerich.  Thanks, Maria.

5 Comments on “Sugar with your Salt?

    • We were using the Himalayn Salt for several years….and since I do not eat processed foods…a significant source of my salt was table salt. When my thyroid started to slow down I checked the Himalayan for iodine….not there that I could see…I went back to iodized Hain.

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