The Perfect BLT

Perfect BLTA few of my patients have come in struggling with their weight this week, following what they assumed to be a low carbohydrate diet. They were eating yogurt for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, and chicken and vegetables for dinner. A true low carbohydrate diet is ketogenic (it derives fuel from ketones) and is the byproduct of fatty acid metabolism.  That means your fuel is coming from fat, not protein or carbohydrate.  The presence of glucose, fructose, lactose or other sugars (or many sugar alcohols) shut fatty acid metabolism down and halt the process of weight loss and frequently increase weight gain.  Too much protein does the same thing.  A chicken salad is not ketogenic.  It may be low carb, but without adequate fat, the absence of glucose drives the body to use protein as it’s primary fuel source.  It is essential to maintain ketosis that a low carbohydrate diet moderate the protein and increase the fats to upwards of 60-70% of the total caloric intake.

Bacon is a 50/50 food. (I’m not talking about turkey bacon . . . that’s not real bacon).  Each slice of real bacon is at a minimum 3 grams (50%) fat, and 3 grams (50%) protein.  No carbs there, either.

So, if you’re struggling with your weight loss on a low carb diet . . . your first step should be “BLT” it!

4 Comments on “The Perfect BLT

  1. So my Morning Star bacon is 4.5 grams of fat (3g Poly, 1g Mono, .5g Saturated) and 2g protein). Of course, there is a lot and I do mean a lot of other stuff in it. So the real thing in moderation on whole wheat bread would be better.

    • Renee, Morning Star Bacon is not real bacon. It is veggie bacon containing sugar alcohols and vegetable oils (omega 6). I wouldn’t recommend it. Yes, real bacon would be better, but NOT on bread. If you eat it on bread, your adding more carbohydrate, stimulating increased insulin productino and turning off ketosis.

  2. I make fake bread,taking the original recipe for Dr. Atkins revolutionary rolls, and developing it further. I add cream cheese to the real bacon, put it on an oopsie roll with an egg and butter, it is very filling and the point is to increase your fuel source, ie fat, which keeps you satiatied. Then by eating less food, your calories naturally go down and the side effect is weight loss. The oopsie bread is made from cream cheese and eggs and I have added powered pork rinds to the yolks, The basic recipe is 4 eggs divided between yolks in the food processer and whites in the mixing bowl. Add a half tsp of cream of tarter to whites and beat stiff. To yolks add 1/2 tsp baking powder and 4 oz of cream cheese from fridge, not room temp. Process that. Then fold yolks into whites and mix carefully, not beating yolks down. Grease pan with melted butter, cookie sheet works, spread about 1/4 inch thick. Put in oven 30 min at 300 or watch until edges brown. I add seasonings to the yolks, like montreal steak seasoning, or garlic.
    i sprinkle the top with freeze dried garlic or chives. you have to add more seasoning than you think to the yolks to get a flavor. It is a great bread substitute. I also stick to under 20 carbs a day, this is very low carb.
    I also took this recipe one step above and make it with 8 eggs and an entire package of philadelphia cream cheese, It makes alot of bread and I keep it on hand.

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