Fat Thoughts . . .

As a bariatrician, I think about fat all the time.  I guess you could say I have a lot of “fat thoughts.”

I frequently hear patient’s tell me, “Dr. Nally, I’m eating RIGHT, but I’m just NOT losing weight!”

If you’re not losing weight, your not eating correctly. 99% of your weight loss success is related to your diet. We have been poorly misinformed over last 40 years as to what a “correct” diet contains. We’ve been told to follow a low fat diet for the last 40-50 years.  However, it is very apparent as patient’s follow a low fat diet that only a small percentage of them have success in weight loss, and the majority actually gains more weight and remains significantly hungry.  When you look at the body’s physiology, fat restriction only stimulates increased hunger.  The intake of any form of carbohydrate, whether that be simple or complex, stimulates an insulin response.  Based on our genetics, that insulin response can be variable. some of us respond normally and others respond with between 2-10 times the normal insulin surge.  Insulin is actually the hormone that drives weight loss or weight gain.
You and I will not be able to effectively lose weight until we control the response of insulin, and this can only be done through carbohydrate restriction.

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