Why Be in Ketosis? Part VI -Blood Pressure, Headaches & Nitrous Oxide

How does being in ketosis and living a ketogenic lifestyle lower your blood pressure, decrease risk of kidney stones and gout?  Listen in to the way nitrous oxide is raised by being in ketosis . . . Enjoy!

Why Be In Ketosis? Part V – The Yin & Yang of Glucose (Amylin)

What is the Yin & Yang of glucose control?  It is Glucagon & Amylin.  We talked about glucagon in an earlier post. Today we’ll balance the world of blood sugar with Amylin talk.  Don’t go getting hypoglycemic with all the excitement  . . . !!

Why Be in Ketosis? Part IV – Cholecystikinin (CCK)

Another incretin that you may not know plays a role in your weight loss . . . cholecystikinin (CCK).  Enjoy!

Why Be in Ketosis? Part III – Glucagon

More than you ever wanted to know about the incretin – glucagon.

When Barney Does Ketosis . . .


If Barney was put on a Ketogenic Diet.

On average, more than 10 bacon sandwiche

On average, more than 10 bacon sandwiches eaten every second in UK adding up to almost 230,000 tons of bacon. http://ow.ly/fSTj306oy7n http://ow.ly/i/pcvjV

Ketogenic Interview with Vicki Fitch: A Fresh Perspective

I had the chance to appear for an interview on Vicki Fitch’s podcast last night: A Fresh Perspective.  We talked about bacon, ketogenic diets, hypoglycemia, sweeteners, food cravings, #FitchSlaps, exogenous ketones and we answered a bunch of great questions from the Facebook Live audience.  You can see video of the show below:

Had a great time.  Let me know what you think. Thanks, Vicki!!

25 Benefits of Ketosis: Part II – Incretins

More than you ever wanted to know about how gut hormones play a role in ketosis.

The 25 Benefits of Ketosis . . . Other than Fat Loss: Part I – Inflammation

Stay tuned for Part II – Gut hormones & GLP-1.



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