You’re Doing It Wrong: Can 50 Years of Nutritional Advise Really be that Wrong?

Listen in as Dr. Nally discusses how we got to be the fattest and sickest country in the world after 50-60 years of bad science influenced by the media and politics.  How can a ketogenic diet help the diseases of civilization?  Listen in and then click the link in the menu above to get my six-part mini course instruction.

We also discuss Dr Nally’s daily diet and his use of exogenous ketones.

Why Be In Ketosis – Part XI: Na-K-ATPase Pump & Insulin

Watch as we talk about how insulin stimulates the Na-K-ATPase pump leading to increased leg edema, varicose veins, bloating, hypertension and swelling.  I see it all the time.  Watch the video to find out why.

Watch further as I, Dr. Nally, answer some of the very common misconceptions and confusing factors about the ketogenic lifestyle, ketosis, supplements and exogenous ketones.   Enjoy!!


Cheese, High-Intensity Workouts, Blood Thinners, Psoriatic Arthritis, Advanced Glycation Endproducts

KetoTalk Podcast #49 is out.  How does cheese extend your life?  You have to hear this podcast.Cheese.jpg

You can also download the podcast on iTunes.

Three Things . . .

You control three things.png

Are you interested in controlling your weight?  It revolves around thought, speech and behavior.  Sign up for my FREE six-part weight loss mini-course above and find out how.

Before Ketosis, After Ketosis


Look at what you can do when you understand how to follow a ketogenic/low-carbohydrate diet.  Learn more by clicking above and taking my free weight loss mini-course.


Nothing stops the man who desires to ach

Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve . . . #ketonianking

Why Be In Ketosis – Part X: PPAR-alpha

Benefit #10 in my 25 part series on “Why Be In Ketosis?”

This evening we briefly discuss PPAR-α, a powerful hormone that is stimulated by the ketogenic state.  It has a number of known benefits.  A number of great questions also popped up that we answered.  Listen and watch as we discuss them here:

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Why Be In Ketosis? Part IX – Memory

Ketosis plays a major role in lowering blood glucose, insulin and notably improving memory in those with Mild Cognitive Impairment and risk for Alzheimer’s Disease (1).  Watch this short 5 minute segment on how a ketogenic lifestyle helps.  You can learn about a Ketogenic Lifestyle by reading my blog post: A Principle Based Ketogenic Lifestyle.  And you can ramp up your blood ketones in less than 30 minutes by getting exogenous ketones at



  1. Krikoria R et al. “Dietary ketosis enhances memory in mild cognitive impairment.” Neurobiology of Aging. Feb 2012, Vol 33:2 p 419-425.

Why Be In Ketosis? Part VIII – Testosterone!!

Why should you consider using a ketogenic lifestyle?  There are many reasons.  This is part 8 of a 25 part series and this one focuses on how ketosis improves testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

Watch and enjoy!!

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